Citizen Four (Response)

When people in the media, or even people I knew, joked about how all-knowing and powerful the United States Government was, I would simply laugh them off. After watching Citizen Four online, I can now say that this statement holds pretty true. Post 9/11, our Government went into high alert, raising both their defenses and offenses. This became so extreme, that they even began to actively spy on all citizens in the country – ILLEGALLY. This in turn became exposed by Edward Joseph Snowden, a hacker and defense contractor. The U.S. Government, despite being in the wrong for a majority of the case, were livid. Of course Snowden exposed a few secrets that could potentially harm their workings, but he would not have had to if they did not illegally invade innocent citizens’ privacy. This forced Snowden to take asylum in Russia.

Following the recent Paris attacks, ethically questionable digital spying has become a part of the discourse. According to the Verge, the UK for example, in order to better forecast terrorist attacks, has announced that they’re upping their digital surveillance ( This has already began to be challenged. So individuals in Europe feel as if they may be a bit extreme, being that the French have already approved and passed controversial laws that allow for more invasive spying. In the face of terrorism and war, it seems like a trend for governments to ignore what the public wants or deserved. Another article from the Verge pointed out how there have been protests from civil liberties groups (


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