Missouri and Social Media (Reading Response)



Social media is particular plays a pivotal in what is covered in overall modern media. This especially takes not backseat during social unrest in places like Missouri. In the past couple of weeks, racial tension at the University of Missouri has boiled over. With the President stepping down due to the football team protesting his ill handling of racism against African American students on campus, the nation has definitely taken notice. Twitter specifically has been a powerful culprit for new media coverage.

For the news section on Mic, Tom McKay wrote about how individuals over Twitter were going crazy, celebrating the resignation of University of Missouri System president Tim Wolfe. Numerous people praised the students for standing up for equality, and congratulated the for actually progressing the movement for better inclusion on campus. Hashtags on this matter played a bit part in the Twitter universe – i.e. “#MizzouHungerStrike is officially over!” and “#welldone #Mizzou well done.”

Buzzfeed News also did coverage on Twitter. This time though, they covered a specific situation that which the social media site induced. In response to all the media coverage of Paris following the tragic terrorist attacks, people took to Twitter to complain about how it was overshadowing the injustices still ongoing at the University of Missouri. One wrote, “Interesting how the new reports are covering the Paris terrorist attacks but said nothing about the terrorist attach at #Mizzou.” The University denies any connection to these sympathizers, stating, “Social media posts expressing dismay that the tragedy in Paris is diverting media attention from events at the University of Missouri are being made by individuals from outside the Mizzou community in an attempt to create conflict.”


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