Live Tweets of the GOP Debate

Just for reference – I am a registered Libertarian, but should probably be a part of the Democratic Party. I had a thing for Ron Paul last election season. Now the evil Socialist, Bernie Sanders, seems to be winning me over. My mom just says that I’m a sucker for old white balding men.

Okay, so here we go:

I try not to prejudge anything but a political party that allows Donald Trump the possibility of being our country’s global representation.

This was inadvertently a Mulan reference, but I stand by it nonetheless. Really though, when has a building a dividing wall ever been a good thing? Ask Berlin about it.

This was mean. Regardless, the thought of having to watch him on television after any type of national tragedy/occurrence sounds like a legitimate nightmare.

I sat through seven hours of that hearing on YouTube. How can you not be a Hilary supporter after that? – nuff said

There was so much unneeded hate for Hilary. If anything though, like the Benghazi hearing, this GOP debate will just help raise her poll numbers. Sorry Bernie.


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