Copyright Criminals (Movie Response)

Copyright criminals has really opened my eyes to how music can so easily sound the same, making copyright laws so difficult. Sounds, rhythms, beats, and even lyrics are mimicked from one artist to another. Although the film focuses primarily on the Hip Hop world, I think the message permeates into all genres of music. It is discussed how common it was to sample, reuse, and remix others’ music, and then turn around and claim it entirely as your own. Copying music had been so common and easy from the get-go. It is hard to conceptualize someone having complete ownership over a sound.

I fully understand copyright laws though. It is to preserve the creative and financial praise for the original artists. It is so easy to steal credit these days, especially if you have better means to get it out to a broader audience at a quicker rate. Still, we come from a culture of sharing, as addressed in the film. You can say that we have just gotten use to thoughtlessly taking from others, but I think more importantly, we have learned how to build off of others’ ideas. You may not be creating something out of nothing, but you are creating something even better out of something that has become banal. Although I still believe that full out stealing or using without permission another’s song is wrong, creativity through collaboration,  should never be discouraged. It can open up a new world from an old one.


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