Copyright Awareness (Reading Response)

Copyright laws have become quite expansive. Growing up around them though, and being a self proclaimed digital native, has made me quite numb to the creative impediments brought up by Lawrence Lessig is Free Culture. Still, I understand when Lessig says that individuals’ work and art should be protected, especially in this growing digital age with the internet.

Lessig writes, “For the first time in our tradition, the ordinary ways in which individuals create and share culture fall within the reach of the regulation of the law, which has expanded to draw within its control a vast amount of culture and creativity that it never reached before.” Copyright laws are regulating creativity. Lessig brings up Walt Disney. If these laws were around when he was first launching Disney, the corporation probably would not be where they are today. Walt Disney was known for taking old classic tales written by others, and freshly recreating them to fit into the Disney Franchise. He built upon past creativity with new creativity. Laws now make it harder for easy transactional creativity like this.

Still, many people can lose money/credit deserved from individuals stealing their work, which make copyright laws inevitable and understandably necessary with how accessible everything is over the internet. I sadly admit though, I still fall crime to copyright laws. I reuse and reblog people’s photos all the time. Sometimes credit is given; often times it is forgotten. Despite having a Spotify, I still occasionally download illegal music offline. Copyright laws are needed, but not always realistic.


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