The Evolution of Spreading News (Reading Response)

The ways in which news can be spread has revolutionized immensely. This is largely due to the introduction of the internet that permeates into the lives of individuals from all over the world. The world wide web allows for information to flow around more easily, to greater distances, and at a much quicker rate. The increased popularity of blogging catapulted this idea of rapid information transfer.

As discussed by Dan Gilmore in the reading, blogging did not become professionally recognized until the 9/11 attack on America. Many individuals took to creating blogs to reflect and express their opinions on all the was happening. This was the true emergence of online journaling. 9/11 though, is the historic event that turned personal writings into political and culturally constructive discourse. Anyone can now be the public’s informants of the news.

Much has changed since the opening of the gates to news creation. Gilmore states, “We all must recognize that the rules for newsmakers, not just journalists, have changed, thanks to everyone’s ability to make the news” (45). There are challenges associated with such open availability to not only creating the news, but receiving it. Leaked information to the public that is meant to be kept private/secret, has become an ongoing problem. Even false information has a way of making it around, with the justification of the web legitimizing it to the public.

Still, with often muted and censored professional/traditional media, the open web allows for more information and truth to be spread overall. Bloggers and those alike now have a responsibility.


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