About Me

Cory Kaaukai, here. I’m a mutt with lineage from the conquered islands of Hawaii and the Philippines, but I grew up an angsty kid in the conservative suburbs of Los Angeles. I like to believe that I have wanderlust, but I go to college merely 20 minutes from the town I’ve lived in my entire life–Lakewood, California. My run of the mill suburb actually gained much publicity in recent months for being dubbed the #1 Most Boring and Worst Place In California by Movoto Real Estate. It also served as the setting for MTV’s new television remake, Scream.

I plan events for money, but am obsessed with reading and writing. Keeping up with current events takes place of my nonexistent morning work out routine. Blogging takes place of the time I’d waste trying to be glutton free. Journalism is a career field that’s often warned about to college students, but I’m excited for its uncertain future. With the direction that Journalism looks like its heading–instant gratification through digital media–I believe it is my generation that can fully grasp how to make this a frugal career once again.

The generation who experienced dial up, grew up feening for points on Neopets, and understood puberty with the help of our friends like Tom on Myspace. Bonus points for those who also had a Xanga back during the site’s heyday.


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